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An asbestos re-roof refers to the complete removal and replacement of your asbestos-containing roof. While we can’t install a new roof, the About The House team are absolutely the asbestos removal experts on the Central Coast.

Whether your roof needs a complete replacement depends on a few things. In this post, we will detail when a re-roof is necessary, and what to expect. If you’re still not sure, reach out to one of professionals on our team to discuss the best solution for you.

Why should you consider a re-roof?

Asbestos roofs have been around for decades and most have reached their use-by-date. As we’ve covered before, most asbestos containing roofs were built in the 1980s or earlier. That means they’re old. And as roofing material ages and is exposed to the elements, it will begin to disintegrate. If your roof contains asbestos and has already begun to deteriorate, it is a health hazard to your family, your neighbours, and your community.

In this case, a complete removal and replacement will likely be necessary. If just a small portion of your roof is made with asbestos containing material, you might get away with a simple removal and repatch of one area. However, as roofs are one of the most at-risk areas of weathering and damage, usually a full roof removal is safest.

Even if your roof is intact and not showing any signs of wear, there are lots of good reasons to plan for asbestos roof removal now rather than later:

  • It is much safer and economical to remove a roof before it reaches a poor condition.
  • Coating and repairs are only a short-term solution. Replacement costs for asbestos roofs will increase as the roof deteriorates as more care is necessary in removal and surrounding contaminated materials and surfaces may also need to be removed and disposed of as asbestos contaminated material.
  • Completely replacing your asbestos roof will increase the value of your home.
  • A roof made from newer, durable materials can support solar panels, ducted air conditioning systems or other installations much better than an older roof.

Protect Your Family and Community by Using Professionals To Remove Your Asbestos Roof.

About The House has over 20 years experience safely removing and disposing of asbestos on the Central Coast. We take all necessary precautions and go over and above to keep our community safe.

This is what you can expect when we remove your roof:

  • We spray the roof with adhesive before any work commences – this process minimises the amount of fibres that will be ‘stirred up’ when the roof is removed. 
  • As the asbestos roof is removed, the sheets are wrapped in builders plastic and each pack is taped up.
  • All packs of wrapped up sheets are removed from site quickly and safely and transported immediately to an asbestos waste disposal depot.
  • Suits, masks, gloves and shoe covers are worn for our team’s safety.
  • Your front yard will be sectioned off. We will erect a sign warning neighbours that asbestos removal is taking place.
  • Your ceiling will be vacuumed to remove any fibres from your ceiling cavity.
  • After removal, your yard will be scoured and any asbestos debris will be removed. We clean the site completely and efficiently, leaving the new roofers to do their job safely and quickly.

If you want more advice on your roof, or any part of your home which you suspect contains asbestos, get in touch today! Our team are local and dedicated to the health and safety of the Central Coast community. We offer asbestos testing, removal and complete demotion services and will advise you on the best solution for your and your home.