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Our Press Team at About The House Safe Asbestos Testing and Removal publicly advocate and support on-going efforts to bring awareness to the compelling issue of safe asbestos testing and removal in all areas of Northern Beaches, Central Coast and Hunter including Gosford, Wyong, Woy Woy, Terrigal, Umina and Newcastle and Wallsend.

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Residents Evacuated After Asbestos Contamination

Safe Asbestos Testing Removal A Current Affair

John Limpus Director of About The House helps to bring awareness to a dangerous asbestos hazard which affects multiple neighbours on a quiet street in Terrigal on the Central Coast.

What seemed like a normal task of power washing a roof becomes this streets nightmare as the roof contains asbestos, which impacts the surrounding neighbours homes as the asbestos particles travel due to the pressure of the hose.

By A Current Affair December 21, 2020

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‘What if it’s asbestos?’ Family’s home DIY horror

Safe Asbestos Testing Removal Nine News 

A young family lost almost everything they owned and are $30,000 out of pocket after a DIY project exposed asbestos in their modern home.

Asbestos removal specialist John Limpus said finding asbestos in even modern homes was a common issue.

“The problem is the home renovators and builders, to save money, have clattered over the asbestos with gyprock or in a bathroom, for instance, take the tiles off and then retile over old asbestos,” he said

By A Current Affair July 13, 2018

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Central Coast Council Will Review Asbestos Removal Initiatives

Safe Asbestos Testing Removal The Daily Telegraph

At Monday’s meeting, councillors voted to look at initiatives by Parramatta and Holroyd councils which offer free collection or disposal of small amounts of asbestos from residences during certain times of the year.

Local asbestos removal expert John Limpus spoke at the meeting and called on council to look into reduced fees due to an increase in dumping across the Coast.

By Fiona Killman December 20, 2017.

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Buyers are choosing to knockdown and rebuild over buying brand new homes

Safe Asbestos Testing Removal Realestate.com 

AN INCREASING number of Sydneysiders are opting to build their own dream homes, snapping up deceased estates and older homes rather than buying new builds

“Requests for demolition jobs have increased by 60 per cent between April and May last year,” Ms Hole said. John Limpus, of About the House Asbestos Removal and Demolition, said demolition jobs were in demand in Blacktown because of the large number of older homes found in the area.

He said buyers should ensure they carry out an asbestos inspection and report before demolishing the existing home.

By Melissa Kehagias 26 April, 2017

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About The House Safe Asbestos Removal was featured in Season 22 Episode 33 of Better Homes and Gardens.

Safe Asbestos Testing Better Homes and Gardens 

Adam and Tara help a young family transform their home on a tight budget. Watch how the renovation project was met with an unexpected turn when asbestos was discovered…

Seven 7+ 16 September, 2016

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"His hair was white with asbestos dust..."

Safe Asbestos Testing Removal The Sydney Morning Herald 

WHEN John Limpus discovered a teenage apprentice electrician drilling through the eaves of an old house, he was shocked.

”His hair was white with asbestos dust. I can’t forget that image,” he recalls. ”He had no idea what he was doing. But he should have been educated about asbestos and his boss certainly should have warned him.”

By Natalie O’Brien April 8, 2012.  

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Asbestos, the outlawed fibre with a licence to kill

Safe Asbestos Testing Removal Domain Names 

Ignorance, negligence and cover-ups led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Australians from asbestos-related diseases. When the building material was finally banned in Australia in 2003, too many people assumed it was a receding nightmare – that the real threat had died with one of its victims, the tireless campaigner Bernie Banton. They could not have been more wrong.

“There are people who are not even born yet that will come down with asbestos-related diseases because of this,” warns Barry Robson, president of the Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia. “It should have stopped by now.”

By Domain, April 8, 2012

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adfa Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia

Safe Asbestos Testing Removal adfa 

John Limpus from ATH (About The House) Asbestos Removal operates from the Cen- tral Coast. He is also a member of ADFA and a decent Aussie battler with a hands on approach who is striving to stay afloat and keep his workers in a job.

Newsletter February/March 2012

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