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We often get asked which is better: removal and renovation, or demolition and rebuild?

If you have asbestos in your Central Coast home, your best option is to remove it as soon as possible. As we have covered previously, removing asbestos will add value to your home and keep your family and community safe. But whether you should remove only the asbestos areas or completely demolish and rebuild depends on a few things.

Removing asbestos is a big job on its own. If there are other issues in your property or if you plan to make some bigger changes to your home, it might be faster and cheaper to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

For example, if the structural integrity of the house is compromised by removing large asbestos areas, it would be safer to demolish it. In this case, demolition is not just safer and faster, but more budget-friendly, too. Why fix what’s broken when you can wipe the slate clean and build your dream home from scratch?

These are some reasons you should consider demolition:

1. You have asbestos scattered throughout many areas of your property

If your home has asbestos in only one area, such as your roof or cladding, it might be best to keep your renovations confined to one zone. However, if you have asbestos in multiple parts of your home, removing it will be a major undertaking.

We have covered before where to look for asbestos in your home. You can also get in touch for advice on how large a construction will is needed to make your property safe and asbestos-free.

If the removal requires dismantling many areas, especially structural areas, it might be cheaper and faster to do a complete demolition.

2. You are planning a major renovation

If you’re planning an extension like a new bathroom, a new room, or anything else that will require major construction it might be faster and cheaper to start fresh.

If you’re thinking of updating your old home and have discovered asbestos during the planning process, it makes sense to consider a complete rebuild. What better time to build the home of your dreams, especially if asbestos is present in the original home?

3. Your home has some additional structural concerns

Asbestos is usually present in older homes. Other issues that can crop up in older homes include weakened wooden frames, for example because of termites, sagging and leaky roofs, or wall and ceiling cracks. If you have asbestos and have structural issues, it might be time to consider demolition rather than removal and renovation.

Demolition, especially where asbestos is present, can be quite dangerous. Ensuring the demolition is done in a way that keeps asbestos fibres safely contained is incredibly important. We have over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of demolition and are ready to complete your whole or partial demolition project. When you work with About The House and our team of highly trained professionals you can rest assured your demolition will be safe, fast and economical. Get in touch today to find out more about the services we offer or to get more advice on which asbestos removal option is best for you.