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If you’re one of the two-thirds of Australian homeowners doing some kind of pre-holiday renovations, you’re probably starting to wonder whether they’ll get done in time or not.

The lead in to Christmas is one of the most popular times for renovations to take place. Whether it’s a minor fix like a hole in the wall, or completely renovating the bathroom, everyone is hoping to get their renovations done in time so Santa can come down the chimney in ease.

The pre-Christmas rush can easily swing people into a mild panic. One trip to the local shopping centre is all you need to be convinced of that. In the world of renovations, tradies are often overworked and under pressure to finish by the Christmas deadline… Of course, this is achieved far less than most home-owners would desire.

This can lend to people making some silly decisions, and the DIY approach becomes increasingly alluring. In a lot of cases, the DIY approach works out pretty well, but we want to spread a little word of warning as well as give you some options when it comes to rushed DIY renovations and asbestos.

First Things First

If you’re not aware, the first thing you need to know about DIY asbestos removal is that there is a limit to what you’re legally allowed to do by yourself. If you come across asbestos, the maximum you can legally remove by yourself is 10 square metres. It should go without saying that wearing the right protective gear is paramount if doing something like this yourself.

It’s very easy in a rush to think to yourself “ah, she’ll be right”. With visions of cold beer and oysters in your mind, you can easily ignore the dangers of the task at hand. But it’s very important that you take your time with anything that might contain asbestos. 

But how can you be sure whether something is asbestos or not?

The Asbestos Testing Sample Drop-off Service

We’re glad you asked!

We’ve developed a quick, simple and a cost effective way for tradesmen & DIY enthusiasts to test material that may contain asbestos. About The House offers a brilliant service which we call the Asbestos Testing Sample Drop-off Service.

It involves 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1. Take a small sample from wherever you are working/where you think asbestos might lurk and seal it in a clip lock bag with your contact name written on the bag. (Make sure you’re wearing protective gear during this)
  • Step 2. Complete the sample testing online form on our website (click here). The form only contains the details we require for the testing to be performed.
  • Step 3. Drop the sample at our office – Kariong Shopping, Shop 2, 10 Curringa Road Kariong, NSW, 2250

We’ll do the rest and you can be assured of whether your quick DIY project is safe to proceed or not!

Asbestos Testing Sample Collection

If the DIY approach seems a little out of your league, or you’re really not comfortable with approaching it yourself, we offer the same service, except we will come out and collect the sample for you.

We recommend getting this done before any serious renovation is going to take place. You may be cutting it fine for pre Christmas renovations, but if you get a burst of inspiration, contact us and we will take a small sample onsite. The sample will then be analysed by ASET – Australian Safer Environment Technology – to ensure the safety of your worksite.

Don’t let the pre-Christmas panic rush you into making silly decisions this festive season. When it comes to asbestos, it really is worth taking that extra step to make sure your renovations take place safely for you and the family.