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At About the House Asbestos Removal and Demolition, we pride ourselves on ensuring we respect the community and environment by making a positive environmental impact.

With 30 years experience under our belt, we understand Asbestos does not just affect the people constantly in contact with it. About the House recognises that neighbours are also exposed to the materials during the demolition stage. We therefore ensure that we dispose of the substance safely and legally, reducing the potential damage Asbestos could cause to others within the community and environment.

Our beliefs…

We believe it is important to maintain regular communication with local councils to understand any safety and environmental concerns that may be raised. This open communication has made us a hardworking and honest brand. Maintaining and respecting the community and environment are important to us. All our demolition projects meet the relevant standards in the Demolition Code of the State Environmental Planning Policy. This ensures we are minimising our impact on the stakeholders involved.

At the completion of all our projects, we do the clean up for you. We dispose of asbestos waste to licensed waste collection locations. It is illegal to dump asbestos waste in rubbish bins, or to reuse and recycle it. It is also illegal to dispose of asbestos at waste facilities that are unlicensed to do so. We never compromise the safety of ourselves or others involved in our projects.

About the House Asbestos Removal and Demolition have decades of experience, and hundreds of satisfied customers. Contact us to organise a free, no obligations, on site quote for your asbestos removal, asbestos testing or demolition needs.