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Heritage listings NSW protect properties from destruction because of the significant value it brings to the community. Listing these significant landmarks creates a legal framework for managing potential changes made to the properties, ensuring their historical significance is maintained.

There are a number of standards for items to be heritage listed, including strong or special associations with a particular community or cultural group in NSW for social, cultural or spiritual reasons. These legal frameworks administer a very specific criteria for altering these heritage listed structures.

Heritage listings; What CAN I do?

Heritage listings aim to maintain the personality that make things special, therefore for some things, approval is required from the Heritage Council of NSW. Approval is granted on a case to case basis, depending on your requests and the significance of the property area being effected.

Approval is not always required for general maintenance and service upgrades such as updating electrical equipment and installing new technologies i.e. Wifi. Your home is still your home and should be liveable! For large alterations, e.g. removing a wall, approval is definitely required.

Generally speaking, all external renovations must be done with the intent to maintain the existing home. The goal shouldn’t be to completely recreate the existing home, but rather enhance the existing elements. Renovations of Heritage listed homes must be consistent with the streetscape, so to maintain the traditional character of the house, and to be homogenous with the history represented in the area. Painting your home bright pink would not be deemed appropriate, however painting it a neutral colour that suits the feel of the home and neighbourhood would be acceptable.

When renovating heritage listings the aim is to keep the look and feel of the existing home, while increasing its sustainability and functionality. Combining the old with the new will create a wonderful home with wonderful memories. Remember to always seek approval from your local council and the Heritage Council of NSW to avoid fines, and ensure you are doing the building justice.

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