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Am I better off renovating or demolishing my house? This is a very common question, and there are some important things to consider. Safety is always the number one priority, whether that be safety in the demolition process, or safety in terms of living in a home with compromised structure.

Things to consider when thinking about demolition vs renovation:

Your own personal satisfaction plays a large part in this decision. Would you be fully satisfied with a couple of coats of paint to touch up damage to your home? If this is what you’re looking for, then renovate is for you. However if you’re looking for a bigger home, if you want that extra bathroom and a higher return on investment, demolition + rebuild is the solution for you.


Demolition + Rebuild is in nearly all cases cheaper than renovation. Unforeseen problems are less of an issue in building a brand new home, and are a much more likely problem when renovating an existing home. Contractors for new home builds are typically on a fixed rate contract so your costs will stay within budget. In renovations however, as complications arise, the cost of tradespeople increases. A complete rebuild gives you a new and modern home that will last for decades to come.

Condition of house: 

The structural integrity and safety of your home is the most important factor to consider. Damage to your home as a result of termites, rot, water damage etc, can make your home unsafe to live in. Consider this: would you buy a house that has extensive structural damage?

Ongoing expenses:

Ongoing expenses such as pest inspections and sprays for termites will continue to add costs to your home. New homes today can be built with steel frames rather than wooden frames, preventing any unwanted guests of the white ant kind.

It is crucial to make safety your number one priority. Consulting a professional demolition team to assess & do the job for you, is essential to ensure the safety of you & your family. Living in a home with damage is a constant risk, so why fix what’s broken when you can wipe the slate clean and build your dream home from scratch?

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