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We spent some time today, researching the most commonly asked, genuine asbestos questions, with the intent to answer them ourselves in this post. However, we will now take a different turn. During our research we came across a number of questions that made us laugh, cringe, shake our heads in disgust, and ultimately question the intelligence of the human race. We are going to showcase and answer those.

Asbestos – The interesting, the silly, the hilarious.

1. I was offered a job in Canada but I heard the buildings are full of asbestos. Should I be scared?

The dangerous part of asbestos is the fibres. If left undisturbed and in-tact, asbestos poses no threat to you.  Realistically, you’ve already been working, living, dining, shopping in buildings that have asbestos in them. Most homes built in Australia before 1990 will contain asbestos.

You have bigger things to worry about than Canadian Asbestos… you live in Australia; snakes can kill you, spiders can kill you, crocodiles, bees, jellyfish and sharks can kill you. Asbestos should be fine, unless you attack it with a sledge hammer, then it’s less fine.

2. Is this Asbestos?  [Insert blurry image of generic looking fibre cement here]

Better to assume it is. Hide your kids, hide your wife, flee the country! But seriously, it’s not an urgent issue unless it’s breaking. If you want to be certain if something is asbestos, then your best bet is to book in to get your asbestos tested. 

3. What happens if you eat asbestos?

Eating asbestos is a form of exposure. Exposure to the dangerous material can result in health complications. If you eat it, you’re risking far more than a tummy ache.

4. Did Hitler ban asbestos?

Sort of…German and Austrian researchers found compelling evidence that asbestos was in fact dangerous, long before Britain and the United States did. Following this, Asbestos wasn’t banned but was restricted, and rules were put in place to determine when it can and can’t be used. So technically yes, Hitler restricted asbestos use.

5. Is it possible to smoke asbestos? (yes this was a real question)

Common sense would suggest no. We definitely do not recommend smoking this hazardous material… the one that we wear full ‘hazmat style safety suits’ to remove. The one that causes lung disease, lung cancer, Mesothelioma and heart disease. We don’t know why anyone would want to, but hey, they question has been asked.

Fun Fact though: A cigarette brand ‘Kent’ used an exclusive “micronite filter” on their products, which was made of crocidolite asbestos. Crocidolite asbestos causes most of the Mesothelioma cases….

There we have it… Asbestos Questions part 1! We can’t be sure whether these questions are legitimate, a joke or to satisfy curiosity, but we would like to remind you that asbestos is safe as long as its left fully intact. Asbestos with damage is where it becomes an issue. We do not condone eating, smoking or consuming asbestos in any way, shape or form.

If you have an asbestos problem and wish to have it removed, contact us to organise a free on site quote.