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It’s Asbestos Awareness week this Month in Australia!  We’re grateful that the Australian government continues to get the message out about the health risks of exposure to asbestos as well as how prevalent and how insidious this material can be!

Australia was one of the biggest users of asbestos in the world and we’re dealing with the consequences of this lack of foresight now. We have one of the highest rates of asbestos related diseases (ARDs) in the world.

From 1920 all the way to 2003 it’s estimated that 12.8 million tonnes of material containing asbestos was used. From fibro beach shacks in Terrigal and The Entrance, to community housing in Woy Woy and Kariong, to the now countless amounts of hidden asbestos in the soil due to irresponsible dumping, we’ve got 12.8 million tonnes to work through!

Health Risks Abound!

Did you know that, in Australia, approximately 4,000 people die every year from asbestos related disease? That’s more than three times the amount of fatalities that occur on the road each year. Asbestosis and mesothelioma are nasty diseases that occur in the lungs caused by inhaling or being exposed to asbestos fibres.

Asbestos was used extensively in all kinds of building and construction up until the 1980’s. It was cheap, strong and flexible which is what made it so popular, until it was understood that exposure to it was causing major health problems. If you live in a house that was either built, or had renovations take place before 1990, then your house probably contains asbestos.


Where is Asbestos Found?

It lurks in more places than you think.

The outside – Fibro houses are still very common in Australia, and other than the fibro sheets, asbestos can be found in the eaves, the roof or the electrical box. If you have an old fence or shed in the garden, there’s a high chance you’ll find it there too.

The inside – It can be found in the bathroom, laundry or kitchen. If you have lino or tile floors, it will often be found lurking underneath these.

The tricky thing is that it is very hard to tell whether a material actually contains asbestos or not. If in doubt, assume it is and call the Asbestos & Testing Removal team – having professionals with the knowledge and right protective gear is critical when dealing with asbestos.

As a basic rule of thumb, do not disturb anything that could contain asbestos. It is the fibres released into the air from damaged or disturbed materials that make asbestos dangerous – if left alone, you are not in danger. If something looks damaged, call a professional immediately.

This is What it Looks Like

We recently delivered a successful Asbestos Testing and Removal in Gosford on the Central Coast. This particular garage had 50 metres squared Asbestos Roof Sheets and Insulation. It was absolutely covered in the stuff. Our team completely and safely removed, disposed and cleaned by vacuuming entire roof space.

So you can see what a roof full of asbestos looks like before and after it’s been dealt with, take a look at what our fantastic team did here. 

At About The House, we are proud to be serving the Central Coast with efficient, comprehensive and safe Asbestos Testing and Removal. We believe that this work is important, and want to keep you, our community, safe and sound!